Friday, November 30, 2012

Field Trip

 Tracy and I took the kids on a field trip to Burritt on the Mountain. It is a beautiful place with a mansion. We took a tour of the mansion after making sure we got a picture of the kids. Forgot to do our traditional picture in front of the van. The tour guide in the home was full of info about the doctor that once lived there and about the area. People used to flock to the area for the natural springs and stayed at one particular inn. The mansion burnt down shortly after it was built and there were pictures of it on fire. They rebuilt the home within a few years of the fire.
 I love this picture of the many personalities!
 Looking out over the city of Huntsville. It was fun to point out the big Rocket for the space center.

 We walked around the property which they have now made into a small town from the early 1900s. There wasn't alot going on during the day but the kids had no problems entertaining themselves. When we got to the Chapel....they took turns up on stage singing made up songs or Christmas carols.
We are really looking forward to returning again. They host many classes and do home school days. This should add alot to our study of American History.

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