Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Canning Day

 I have only done one other canning day so I was hoping to learn a few things to improve my process in the future. I also wanted PF to learn a few things as well. The peaches that I ordered were not in the shape I needed for peach sections so we switched gears and made peach butter instead.
 Tracy was busy making a whole list of items. I was in shock by how much sugar jams and jellies call for...WOW. I am sure that is why they taste so good especially home made strawberry jam!
By the time I had to take off, there were quite a few finished cans on the table. Today was such a blast! I am so glad to have friends near by that love to have fun days in the kitchen making yummy food. The kitchen smelled so good all day! Although today did make me really miss the island in the kitchen I had in NC. A kitchen island is a big priority for a future kitchen.

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