Saturday, May 19, 2012


For seven weekends, we enjoyed watching all four of our girls learn how to play soccer, interact with their teammates, and improve their skills. The Upward program is such an awesome way to introduce your children to sports. I love that everything is Christ centered. There are devotions during practices and games.
Ladybug and Dragonfly would always jump at the chance to kick the ball in when it went out of bounds.

One Saturday, Dragonfly's team was a teammate short and Ladybug was allowed to fill in. She had already played a game so she was pretty tired but still managed to score a goal for the team.

Dragonfly was so excited when Ladybug scored that she ran over and gave her a huge hug. Dragonfly almost scored right after Ladybug's goal but it hit the side pole.

Butterfly was so exciting to watch. She had so much energy on the field and scored one amazing goal.

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