Saturday, March 31, 2012

Upward Soccer

 We were so excited that Grammy got to be in town for the girls first soccer game and then the rain started to roll in. This reminded me of when my PapPap would visit and my soccer games were always rained out. We had not received a call from a coach yet so we continued to get ready for the games.
 By 9am the sky was dark but it wasn't raining. Butterfly and PF had 9am games. Butterfly was most excited to have Grammy watch her play.
 I love that all the players are introduced and run through a tunnel of screaming parents.

Hubby and I are sideline instructors and keep our kiddos focused on what they should be doing. Hubby got to play coach for one quarter because the coach had to leave. Butterfly and PF had a great first game and then the sky opened up. We all ran to the car and knew the other two games weren't going to happen. To distract everyone, we headed to Blockbuster and rented movies to watch the rest of the day. It wasn't until bedtime when Dragonfly was getting into pjs that she realized that she didn't play soccer yet..."but mom, I didn't play soccer yet."

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